LWCF Children's ministry teaches kids God's promise and His will as they encounter the obstacles of life. LWCF allows children to grow and shine light to this world.

Out of the Darkness // Into the Light

 Empowering the next generation to speak truth, life, and love to their community.

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LWCF Women's group strives to build stronger relations with one another as well as strengthen their relationship with God. It offers a place of comfort and nurtures growth.

LWCF Men's group is a resource for the soul of the men in the church. Along with fellowship in a relaxed and varied atmosphere, tools for growth are given for the difficult issues that men must face in today's times. LWCF Men's group not only provides fellowship but is a place where men can share the issues they face with confidentiality and support.

LWCF participates in volunteer groups such as Christmas caroling in nursing homes, donating to orphanages in the Philippines, and helping the California fire victims get back on their feet. Along with much more, LWCF continues to serve others so everyone can see the love of God.

Being the hands and feet of Christ

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17
Living word Christian Fellowship

636 Giguere Court San Jose, CA 95133

Sunday Service: 10am-12pm